Low-cost and hybrid carriers

Explore the growth of low cost content in Amadeus

  • X axis: Calendar years
  • Y axis: Number of low cost and hybrid carriers available in the Amadeus system from 2009 to Q4 2018 per connectivity type
  • Z axis: Total seats (in millions)
  • * Ticketless access has been decommissioned as of 2015.
  • ** Available on a case by case basis.
  • LCCs in Amadeus
  • Light Ticketing
  • Ticketing
  • Ticketless
  • Ticketless via SSRePAY
  • Total number of seats

Book over 110 low-cost and hybrid carriers in Amadeus faster and easier than in any other channel

LCCs represented over 30% of all seats sold in 2018. As low cost and hybrid carriers (LCCs) continue to grow both in passenger numbers and network size it becomes critical that you are able to book these carriers in the most efficient way.

Amadeus is committed to expanding our LCC offer and signing distribution agreements with more and more LCCs every year.

You can now book up to 68% of the global LCCs’ seats through the Amadeus Travel Platform and through additional Amadeus solutions.

But importantly, most of the LCC content in the Amadeus Travel Platform is fully integrated, including associated airlines’ ancillary services portfolios. This integration together with an increasing number of routes and interlining agreements available for booking ensures that you can book the essential LCCs more efficiently and more profitably.

As LCCs evolve they are choosing to move to Amadeus Ticketing connectivity which offers by far the most efficient and sustainable booking flow for the travel agencies. Now 90% of all LCCs can be booked in the same uniform flow used to book full service carriers. The list includes many of the big airlines such as Virgin Australia, JetBlue, GOL, Norwegian, Vueling, Eurowings, Cebu Pacific, etc.

The LCC Graph displays the content bookable in Amadeus globally, regionally and locally. Just select your country or region and click on the chart lines to find out which airlines are available and the corresponding carrier connectivity level.

Your benefits at a glance

Familiar uniform booking flow for you

  • Seamless booking flow, which is 5x faster than airlines' websites, resulting in a saving of €3 per booking and €6 when making trip changes* (source: internal estimations)
  • Synchronized PNR
  • Fully automated mid- and back-office integration

More diverse content for your travelers

  • Over 110+ Low cost and hybrid carriers to choose from including their ancillary services portfolio
  • Wider options thanks to access to many LCCs-FSC interlining agreements
  • Unlimited trip changes on customer request